Matthew and the Zylonic Overlord

This story and its artwork came from Matthew Bonthron when he was newly 6 years old.

This story is about a brave and resourceful young man called Matthew MacMill. MacMill is the leader of a group of scientists and engineers who work at MacLabs where they invent clever devices for the benefit of mankind.

As a hobby, MacMill and his team of MRacers compete in the World Mountain Race (WorMRA) series, hoping to win the Platinum Salver.

Their main rivals are the Z-CARS, led by a Cyborg called ZED-ONE. The Cyborg is ruthless and will stop at nothing to win by adding illegal additives to his Z-PLAS fuel.

ZED-ONE never obeyed rules if they got in his way.

This fantasy tale is suitable for boys and girls aged 7 to 9 to read alone or as a ‘read-to story’ for younger children.

It is a long story with over 12,000 words. It is divided into 12 chapters and is perhaps best enjoyed over several sessions.

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