Moving On (2,500 words, about 10 minutes to read)

This story is a confection based on a few facts. It was written for our Writers’ Circus

February 2018 meeting for which the topic was set as: “Love, in any of its many forms”.

Several years ago a nice chap from our golf club lost his wife to cancer.

He was lost, sad and lonely.

After a couple of years of moping around aimlessly, he ‘disappeared’.

Some reports said he had moved to Troon, others said Ayr. No one was sure.

Then, as if by a miracle, he appeared at our Hogmanay gathering two months ago.

He was with his new wife, a very pretty, chatty, slim lady.

It was clear to us all they were deeply in love.

They danced almost every dance, very proficiently.

Every time I glanced their way, they were smiling secretly to each other. True love.

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