All stories, poems and songs are provided in PDF format and are intended for use on your PC, Mac, iPad, tablet or e-reader such as Kindle.

For this reason I have ‘locked’ these PDFs to prevent them from being modified.

A new feature has been added. For some pieces, mainly children’s stories and poems, I intend to provide MP3 files which you may care to download and play back at your convenience.

Adult Stories

I hope you will my find my Adult Stories to be mainly light-hearted, tongue in cheek, intended to entertain. Some are based on me and my adventures. Most are mere figments, provided from the Muse. Many are what might be loosely called ‘romances’, particularly the novellas.

Feedback from one older lady reader suggested that a few of my stories contain material that she found ‘disturbing’. For this I have apologised, but I assure readers old and new that it was not my intention to ‘shock’ for the sake of it: I was merely following the Muse, going where the story took me. I have marked these ‘dark material’ stories for your guidance.

These Adult Stories come in various categories.

Adult Stories: These are stories with and adult theme that do not fit into the other categories below. If the story has ‘dark matter’, you will be warned, so that you may decide to avoid it.

Humour: The Gianni Bontroni stories and others like them are gathered under the loose heading of Humour.

Romance: Those written some time ago, are mainly simple stories boy meets girl stories. Some are more modern and more explicit. Those containing ‘dark material’ are clearly labelled.

Novellas: These are longer tales.

Maisie Kaywood stories: These can be loosely called ‘thriller’ stories.

Boyhood tales: Recall incidents in my life and times that may interest readers who know Glasgow and its many ‘villages’.

Miscellany: Then there are the others. Have a look, something might appeal.

Children’s Stories

A few of these stories are suitable as ‘self-readers’ but parents should check first that they are ‘acceptable’ for the intended child. Most of my children’s stories are intended as ‘read to your child stories’, in the hope that you will find them useful as source material.

Some will have MP3 sound files added in due course, as explained elsewhere.


There are three categories.

Serious: These attempt ‘real’ poetry. I have often read that the fewer the words, the better the poem. I find free verse a lot easier. I think I am not much of a poet, more a prose man, too garrulous!

Moronigal poems: Styled after that other great Scottish poet, William B. McGonagall. I write as John B. Moronigal.

Odes: These were written to mark an event, or to say a ‘thank you’.


This is a very recent and sparse offering, but, in time, more may come, as the Bard leads me.

I love music and my taste covers a wide spectrum.

Singing is another of my passions and I am a member of various choirs.

Sadly, I do not play an instrument. I think this limits my interest in song writing.

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