Bloody hell, what?

Most mornings I daunder along our busy suburban streets heading for Murdo’s Corner Shop.

I am armed with my voucher, aiming to swap it for a print copy of “The (Glasgow) Herald”, without which M cannot digest her plate of porridge!

Outside Murdo’s, Linda Lollipop, and her erstwhile colleague Jim the Fish, are ‘herding’ their ‘sheep’ across the busy double crossing, speeding their ‘flocks’ safely onward to our local schools.

In the lulls I usually have a wee chat with one or both.

Linda Lollipop, an avid Kindler, is my top ‘encourager’, ever willing to drop nectar words of compliment into John Bee’s ears.

One day she revealed, by chance, that she had always longed for a ‘double-barreled name’.

I scooted straight home and and fired up Lenny (III), my faithful Laptop.

This is what the Muse provided. Short, sharp and tongue-in-cheek.

This is 1,000 words, a rapid read of around 5 minutes.

Click to download PDF Click here to download the PDF.

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