Dreich Mondays No More!

Since my first retirement in 2001 I have been a student at Strathclyde University’s “Centre for Learning in Later Life (CLLL)”.

This is a wonderful place, I recommend it to you.

I have tried my hand at many things offered by the CLLL including a pilot course called “Health and Wellbeing through Song” led by the amazing Edward Casswell.

Here is his ode: “Thanks and Farewell to Edward Casswell”.

This led to me joining the “Kelvin Choir”, the Monday Morning Choir (at CLLL) and the “Scottish Plainsong Choir”.  (No, I’m not in this clip!)

Did you guess? Yes I love singing! I love the camaraderie of it and the emotion that it generates.

Alan Tavener is the leader of “Capella Nova” and many, many choirs, including our Monday Morning Choir and the Scottish Plainsong Choir.

It is a complete understatement to say merely that he is a talented and inspiring man.

Alan Tavener is a genius! Perhaps as near to an Angel as we might ever meet on this side of the divide.

This Ode celebrates his recent award of becoming an Honorary Associate of the Royal School of Church Music.

It complements a previous piece called “Alan T, Our Man of Song”.

Click to download PDF Click here to download the PDF.

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