Then and Now (3 minutes)

Ah, at last a serious note.

In our Italian class we were asked to prepare ourselves to discuss the topic, ‘Nel Futuro’ (In the Future). The intention was that we would think and write a piece, to prepare us for a group discussion using the future tense.

I set out to write a jolly poem, or so I thought.

What resulted was this pontifical piece, which flew onto the screen in a great rush.

I must assume that it is a reaction from my psyche to watching and listening to the news of the ‘immigration crisis’ that we are told will swamp us.

As I understand it, the UK is the sixth richest nation on earth, after Germany.

If I was being bombed out of my home in Syria, or starved to death in Africa, would I not strive to get to Europe, to get my family to safety, and give them a fair chance at a future?

You betcha I would! If was strong and brave enough.

And so would you, my friends.

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