The Buzzin’ Bee has moved to a new Web Hosting Service

A few weeks ago our web hosting provider ‘disappeared’.

However, as you will have discovered by making this visit, the internet address is unaffected.

Not everything was lost. We have recovered everything up to October 2017.

So, what you have today is the website as it was at that date.

All the missing stories are safe, backed up several times elsewhere but the introductory tags to the stories are lost in hyperspace and will need to be re-written.

Over the weeks ahead, I shall reinstate the missing stories with new tags.

If you visit the website during this time, you should see each story again as it re-appears.

When the website fully up-to-date again, I will email a round robin to my faithful readers and friends with this news.

Many thanks to my brilliant web master, Dr Michael Mackenzie.

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