Songs for Zac

Here you will find a PDF song sheet and an MP3 music file of A Capella songs sung by me over the last few months and sent individually to Zac (Isaac Rory Bonthron) our grandson born on 4 August, 2020, in Abingdon near Oxford.

I am keen to ensure Zac gets a chance to hear and sing these songs.

They are all Scottish gems except Edelweiss, a song I love to sing.

Why not grab a copy of the words and sing along!

Here we go. I hope you like them.

A Gordon for Me
Ally Bally Bee (Coulter’s Candy)
Bee Baw Babbity
Bonnie Dundee
Katie Bairdie
Red Yo Yo
Braes o’ Killecrankie o’
The Jeely Piece Song
Three Craws
Ye canny shove yer Grannnies
Wee Cooper o’ Fife
Skye Boat Song
Will ye no’ come back again?

Click to download PDF Click here to download the PDF.

Click to download MP3 Click here to download the MP3.

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