Smugglers’ Cove

This is a story about a couple called George and Linda and their dog called Bella.

In May 2021 we visited Silverdyke Caravan Park at Cellardyke in the East Nuek of Fife, a favourite haunt most years. Alongside us in their motorhome we encountered the exuberant, tail wagging bundle of energy called Bella, a brown and white spaniel.

We chatted about this and that and I took the opportunity to pass Linda my contact card, inviting them to visit to access “Rosemarkie Remembrances” and “Doodle and the Dolphins”, old stories involving caravans and dogs.

Last week, September 2021, we found ourselves alongside the delightful dynamic trio again. Linda was quick to remind me I had promised a story featuring Bella.

The next morning I started tapping the rough outline on my iPad and by the end of our short break, the tale was ready for transfer to my laptop to be edited and checked.

As they were about to leave to return to their home in Peebles, I told them to expect Bella’s story soon and asked their indulgence regarding my invented dynamic for their dialogue, crafted to create the story duly published herewith.

Be assured that Caiplie Coves and Kilrenny Church with its cemetery and the tomb of the Lumsdains do exist.

The rest is fiction.

Or is it?

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