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This is another Maisie Kaywood story.

It reveals another side of Maisie and takes us into the world of of the medical profession.

Many thanks are due to Kareth Paterson for her diligence an fortitude. Any remaining errors are all mine,

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Out of Range (3,300 words, around 10 minutes reading)

This is another outing for Maisie Kaywood, coming to the rescue of yet another cousin. The story is a response to a recent Writers’ Circus challenge “there’s nothing that can be done about it”.

Recently I saw a young woman in a wheelchair, pushing herself along vigorously. She was alone, making her way to? At the ends of her legs were two white socks revealing that she had no feet.

The first draft of this story wrote itself quickly and was definitely ‘raw’ when presented to the the group. I has benefited greatly from many comments made. Thank you all once more.

Crucial corrections and guidance from my editor Kareth Paterson polished it to its final dull lustre.

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State Secret (7,500 words, 30 minutes)

This is a longer short story which arose from a Writers’ Circus challenge.

The topic/title/theme was “High Water Mark”. On this occasion the topic was set by me.

This work has been edited by my friend Kareth Patterson from Writers’ Circus. She is a multi-talented person, very special. (She would immediately edit out the word “very”!!!)

On reading it she said it reminded her of the novelist Alistair MacLean- high praise indeed.

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Fidelity (15,000 words, 60 minutes)

This is another Maisie Kaywood romp.

It introduces David Abernethy (aka Biscuit aka The Ferret) and other members of Maisie’s XCD Team.

It is set in Scotland, near Aberdeen.

Give it a try for a few pages, you my get hooked!

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Out of the Blues

This story is a response to a challenge from Janette at the Writers’ Circus. The topic she gave was “Winter Blues”.

As the story developed the Dr Mel and Anisa characters began to emerge from the shadows of Maise Kaywood’s back-story as a former guru in MI6/GCHQ. These support characters will appear again in another story being spun in the ether, coming soon. It may be called “Spanish Sparrows”.

Fracking seems to be coming. Fracking for subterranean gas in the US and oil from Shale Sands in Canada have changed the Oil Supply Dynamics world-wide, causing attendant financial and political unrest. We can see it today in the North Sea sector. It seems that the Britain, an island built on coal, will be an obvious target for US Fracking companies.

But this story is not about fracking. It’s about something else...

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Hook, Line and Sinker!

During stage two of the Creative Writing course at Strathclyde University, I noticed that one lady in our class nearly always wrote of people being ‘done in’. Until then I had never dared to kill anyone in my stories. I decided to try and this story is the result.

It was written against a target of 4,000 words forcing me to turf on words to get down to this limit.

In the opening scene Maisie appears as her deceased mother, (whom I subsequently discovered was Myra). This image of Myra haunted me. Now there is a novella being edited entitled Living with Myra which will hopefully soon be available.

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