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Wednesday 25 February, 2015

A Mouse and a Songbird

Today I have added a poem about “The Displaced Mouse”.

It is a response to Rabbie Burn’s famous poem, To a Mouse.

In my poem, ‘Frae a Moosie’, that poor wee Moosie of long ago speaks back to the great man.

I have have also added “Songbird”, a novella set around Bearsden.

It is about an ordinary woman, (do they exist?), who finds happiness after tragedy.

Give it a few pages, it might grow on you.

Tuesday 24 February, 2015

Daftness is good for you!

Here are two tiny tales that may raise a smile.

The Parish Assistant” is an off-beat love story, filed in ‘Romance’.

“Luv, Luv me dooo” is the tale of a Golden Ball Cactus called Ertika, filed in ‘Miscellany’.

Monday 23 February, 2015

Light and Dark

Another day, another two Bob Martins.

“The Primark Nightie” is a wee poem that might amuse. And it is 100% true.

“Sanctuary” is pure fiction.

It drew a strong negative response from one lady, “who did not care to read this sort of thing”.

Check the tag before you read it.

Sunday 22 February, 2015

Another poem, another story

Today I have added “Clathic Chorister”, a poem about a Blackbird.

This bird, including his forebears and progeny, have been singing from this same pine tree for thirty years of more, Rita tell’s me. She own’s his garden.

He was chiming his song as I passed below this morning.

And then there is “Glasgow Fair, 1963”.

This is another Glasgow Shipyard tale and if you cannot abide vernacular dialogue and detest swear words, give it a miss.

Saturday 21 February, 2015

Two more tales added

Yes, I am sticking to my resolve to take two Bob Martins each day!

“Finders Keepers” is a happy wee tale of someone’s loss bringing potential happiness to another. Check the Adult section.

“Special Treatment” has proved popular with many long-suffering wives. And who knows, maybe soon it will be available on the NHS? Check the Humour section.

Friday 20 February, 2015

A poem and a nonsense story added

Go to Serious Poems for “Wraith Rovers” and to Humour for “Web Christmas”.

Thursday 19 February, 2015

Another story, another poem...

One good, one not so good.

If you are a doggy person, try “Daniel the Spaniel” in the Poem section.

If you like a bit of daft tongue in cheek fantasy, try “Analytical Reflections” in the Romance Section.

Wednesday 18 February, 2015

Two stories added

“The Go Between” (in Boyhood Tales) and “Sweet Sultan” (in Adult Stories).

Tuesday 17 February, 2015

John Bee takes the Tiller

Perhaps this could be the title of another story?

But for the present let it be a warning to my Dear Readers. Michael has stepped ashore and I am now attempting to sail this website through uncharted waters.

Yes, I have my hand on this Tiller, me alone.

Margaret was not able to be here last night for training alongside me last night, as I had hoped.

But we do have copious and very helpful hard copy notes to help us.

And if I need him, Michael is only a mile from our door!

Monday 16 February, 2015

New Maisie Kaywood side story

A new side story called “Out of the Blues” has been added to the Maisie Kaywood section. Check it out!

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