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Tuesday 12 November, 2019

Lady in Red (904 words, 5 minute read)

This little tale has been written in a what I call a ‘synoptic prose’ style.

It was written for a Writers’ Circus challenge on the topic ‘growing darker’, set in October for our November meeting.

The clocks had changed.

Dark by late afternoon.

Dank and dismal.

Think ‘melancholy’.

Grab a hot drink.

Huddle near your log-burning stove.

Give it a try.

Wednesday 16 October, 2019

American Cream Soda (2,500 words, 10 minute read)

This little tale has been lurking in the back of my mind for years. It is based on a family story told many times by my father, Jack, who did indeed cycle out to far flung building sites, in all weathers, his yellow cape and sou’wester his only protection against rain, sleet and snow, often returning home frozen to the bone.

At that time, building trade workers were paid ‘travelling time and expenses’ and, with ‘overtime’ at ‘time and a half’ for weekday evenings and ‘double time’ on weekend days, every extra penny was welcome in our single end at 84 Greenview Street, in Pollokshaws.

(To read a bit more from this period, before the re-development of Pollokshaws under the slum clearance programme, try searching on this website for ‘The Go Between’.)

When Writers’ Circus set a challenge to write on the topic of ‘rubbish’, I decided to try to write it down. Yes, the link is tangential but it was the best I could muster.

The title of this piece?

My Mum was a tea drinker, Betty the Tea Jenny. Like Granny Bremner, Mum was teetotal all her life. Her tipple was American Cream Soda.

So, read on, delve back into the past. Nostalgia never dies.

Many thanks again to Kareth my Editor, who hoes tirelessly through my output of drivel to correct all sorts of spelling, logic and grammar errors and meticulously ensures necessary ‘commas’ are added while battling to eliminate my penchant for the spurious ‘that’ word!

Thursday 5 September, 2019

Purple Willi

This tale was concocted (con-cock-ted?) while trapped in a plane returning from Gran
Canaria a few years ago.

Thought I had posted it to the website then, apparently not or their is a glitch which has
crept in to prevent it being displayed.

Hopefully, this re-posting will solve the problem.

The story is nonsense but, if you are trapped in a Dentist’s waiting room and stuck for
something to divert you from upcoming trauma, try it.

Thursday 5 September, 2019

Smoke and Mirrors

At our Writers’ Circus group the ‘chair’ rotates and the incoming ‘chair’ sets the topic

for the following monthly meeting.

The topic set was : “an unexpected encounter”.

This provided an opportunity to weave fantasy with fiction and get down snippet tales many

of my fishing, golfing and singing buddies will have heard, perhaps more than once?

The final scenario, a walk in the park on a snowy winter’s afternoon with a friend’s dog

did happen and I was in real danger, a near death experience which, I suppose, leads us to

the opening scene.

Thursday 5 September, 2019

Yesterday in Heaven

This snippet comes from a Ten Minute Challenge at our Writers’ Circus group.

The topic chosen was : “describe heaven”.

Margaret and I had recently been to the cinema to see the much acclaimed film “Yesterday”.

If you like Beatles music, you should see it, good clean fun and poignant too!

Try this link in your browser: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yesterday_(2019_film)

As regulars may know I am in several choirs. I love singing.

And Golf!

Pity I’m proficient at neither!

Read on, please.

Thursday 5 September, 2019

Drew and the Dragon Poo

This is a tale from a recent encounter with our grandsons, Ethan (nearly 6) and Drew,

(newly 4).

I hope most parents and grandparents will recognise the atmosphere small children

create as they learn the ways of adults.

Wednesday 4 September, 2019

Harmony Row (6,000 words, 25 mins)

This weird tale was spawned by a Writers’ Circus challenge.

One of us, who shall remain nameless, once told us she liked spooky, psychological

intrigues, even though they scare her.

Buckle in, this one is as strange as they come, at least from me.

Tuesday 23 July, 2019

Dinner Service (3600 words, a 12 minute read)

This is a piece for the Writers’ Circus on the theme, “Dinner”.

It is largely dialogue driven and I fear Jeanie Devine’s contributions may be hard for some to decipher.


Otherwise, be assured, it has a nice happy ending.

Thursday 16 May, 2019

Brillo (around 2,600 words, about 8 minutes reading time)

This is a lighthearted tale about an group of friends who are members of the Brillo Investment Club.

The piece was written in response to a Writers’ Circus challenge, “it’s only a suggestion”.

The Birllo Club is in the doldrums and Mrs Slyvi Newlands decides its time for a shake-up.

Sunday 12 May, 2019

Thelwell’s Thespians (4,500 words, about twenty minutes reading time)

This is a spoof piece which was written in response to a Writers’ Circus challenge on the theme ‘That’s not going to work,’ she said bossily.

It came in a rush, more or less writing itself.

No, I have no direct experience of Am Dram but I do enjoy watching.

Go on, dive into the world of the amateur actor.

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