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Wednesday 9 December, 2015

A Christmas tale and another upgrade.

Today I have added a short tale called “Stocking Filler”.

I have also added an upgraded version of “The Glasmigos”, a version which has benefited from the editing of my friend Kareth Paterson.

Monday 16 November, 2015

Two new tales and an upgrade

Today I have added “Race Night Nerves“ and “Best Served Cold”.

Both are tales of revenge.

I have also replaced “Fidelity“ with a new version edited by Kareth Paterson, a friend from Writers’ Circus who has been toiling in the fields - nae jungle - of my verbose prose for some time now.

This version is much tighter, fewer errors, I hope.

Any remaining clangers are of course down to me.

Tuesday 21 July, 2015

A winter’s tale

This is an off-beat tale of an urban fox in winter.

At 1,000 words,”While we were sleeping” can be devoured with morning coffee and a naughty biscuit.

Thursday 16 July, 2015

A mini-thriller

I have added “State Secret”.

This is a piece which seemed easy to write but initially was full of holes.

It has been greatly improved by the excellent editing of my friend Kareth Patterson, from Writers’ Circus. Any remaining typos etc are mine.

I could not resist adding a role for Maisie Kaywood.

Perhaps will see Dymitri of this story on an another outing soon?

Tuesday 14 July, 2015

A day in the life of Kent Cant

Theresa” is a tale that grew legs, literally.

It about a chap called Kent Cant who is plagued by a problem of negative thoughts.

Tuesday 14 July, 2015

The Swinging Sixties

This little boy meets girl romance has its basis in my time working as an apprentice in Alexander Stephen and Sons shipyard at Linthouse, on the banks of the River Clyde.

I have not yet been to Benidorm but I did hear of many exploits from my fellow apprentices.

Read “The Glasmigos

Despite the rigours of shipyard life common in those days, Stephens (Stevies) was a good place to serve an apprenticeship, providing excellent training for apprentices.

You may also enjoy “Glasgow Fair, 1963

Friday 10 July, 2015

Another tale from Rosemarkie

Today I have added a nonsense story called “Doodle and the Dolphins”.

You might also like last year’s tale called “Rosemarkie Remembrances”.

Tuesday 12 May, 2015

A short tale and a trout recipe

Today I have added a short story called “Dark Angel”.

This probably speaks to the fears that we harbour as we grow older.

To counter this I have added a recipe for baked trout, called “Baked Trout Bontroni”.

My trout come from my fly-fishing expeditions.

If you live in the Bearsden area, let me know if you want a trout or two to try this recipe with his also works for other fish, such as River Cobbler, (from Asda, in season).

Wednesday 29 April, 2015

A short story and a mini-novella

“Fidelity” is 13.000 words and takes about an hour to read. It is a Maisie Kaywood romp.

Tuesday 7 April, 2015

A wee ode and a soppy tale

Today, after a break for holidays, I add a wee ode written to mark the arrival of Matthew, our first grandson.

It is called “The Stork Came Today!

I also found an old tale, written ages ago, which I have re-vamped under the pen of Bettina Tazzina, because this is the sort of soppy tale my Mum would have liked.

I have re-named it “Icon”.

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