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Thursday 29 June, 2017

Ethan and the Giant Crabs

This is a wee tale prompted by a Writers’ Circus challenge - ‘the light switch’.

As I wrote I thought of it as a tale to be told to children, that is, as a ‘read to’ story. And, as usual, I wondered how to find a willing and affordable illustrator.

My writer friend Peter soon pointed out that this is in fact a story for adults, an archive story to remind us all what our wee ones are/were like at Ethan’s stage when questions come relentlessly.

Kareth Paterson my editor suggested that if it was to become a story for kids then it would need a lot of work to dramatise the language etc.

So, here it is, nearly as written. Many years from now Ethan as a bigger boy might read and enjoy it.

Perhaps one day, when Santa brings or sends me an willing and industrious illustrator, I will re-vamp it as a children’s story. Pigs might fly.

As you read you may detect that Ethan is keen on ice-cream and sweets, items he gets only very infrequently. Think healthy eating, think fruit!

Tuesday 13 June, 2017

High Flying Doves

This is a sad little tale about neighbours in a high rise block.

It was written in response to a Writers’ Circus challenge: “The man/woman upstairs.”

Monday 12 June, 2017


This is another Maisie Kaywood story.

It reveals another side of Maisie and takes us into the world of of the medical profession.

Many thanks are due to Kareth Paterson for her diligence an fortitude. Any remaining errors are all mine,

Tuesday 11 April, 2017

Joy Flight ( 1900 words, 10 minutes)

At Writers’ Circus we were challenged to write a piece about flying.

This tale recounts a short joy flight we experienced in Australia when visiting friends.

It happened a long time ago, but the take-off and landing trauma is with me still.

Far better to be in a big, big plane, with eyes firmly closed.

Tuesday 11 April, 2017

MuriPueriTrium (The Three Boys of the Wall)

This story was written for Euan, our neighbours’ son, then 9 years old.

It is a story about three boys who live at the Antonine Wall, near Bearsden.

The boys live on the safe side which is controlled by the Romans.

They have been told repeatedly never to go north of the wall to the lands where the savage Pictish people live.

However, the best fishing is in the Pictish lands, and the lure of Trottus Enormos proves too great.

Wednesday 15 March, 2017

On The Beach

This is a wee tale set mainly in Dornoch, a tidy, well-heeled coastal town on the far north east coast of Scotland, famous for its golden sand beaches and its world-renowned golf course.

It was written as a response to a Writers’ Circus challenge - “I should have said something.”

The story centres on the actions of Janine, recently retired, who finds a suspicious object on the beach, while walking a friend’s dog.

Saturday 18 February, 2017

The Indian Hill Adventure

This story was written for a girl called Olivia Angelica who lives in Connecticut, USA.

Olivia always looks for opportunities to help people.

This is self-reader for children aged 8 to 11 or a “read to” for younger children.

Saturday 18 February, 2017

Theo’s Big Secret

This is a story about a little donkey called Theo who lives in Italy.

Theo liked to run, even in his dreams.

One night he was taken on a long, long journey.

His friend Sheila wanted to know where he had been, what his “Big Secret” was.

This is a “read to” story for younger children or for 6 and 7 year-olds as a self-reader.

If you would like a print copy, get in touch through the website contact form.

Tuesday 14 February, 2017

Gleamers (about 5 minutes)

This short piece of nonsense was a response to a Writers’ Circus challenge.

We were asked to write about an exchange of emails or letters.

After a few false starts, this surreal piece wrote itself.

Tuesday 31 January, 2017

Just Prawns, John!

This is a tale of a man who goes out into the gloom of a blustery afternoon in late autumn in search of prawns to make a spicy stir fry. . ..

Recently I came across what turned out to be an older version of this story that was full or errors!

I went at once to this website and read the ‘posted’ version which, while passable, needed improvement.

Here is the revised version.

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